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FOX News
Jul 31, 2010 7:00am EDT
to send your absentee ball on thes - on ballots over seas. hawaii, alaska and maryland and new york and delaware asked the pent gone for a waiver and the department of justice has an opportunity to tell the pentagon to reject the waivers and they haven't done so and they should. 17,000 votes were thrown out in the 2008 election and were not counted from military and overseas voters. >> why is this? why is the handful of states asked for waivers and why wouldn't that it want our soldiers to vote? >> that is a good question. our soldiers deserve it. more states are going to ask for waivers, the question is will the department of the justice and the.gon to adjust the waivers. >>> and could it be that the department of yesterday underatfed and could it be political. troops tend to lean slight big right. is there a political reason in your opinion in >> this is not a democrat or republican. this is an issue of washington not work being. there is a lot of lawyers with time on their hand and no question they could be taking an aggressive approach for military voting rights. they are advisi
FOX News
Jul 17, 2010 7:00am EDT
on more than a trillion dollars in cash. but they are not hiring. university of maryland economic professor joins us. it is a difficult one to come up. the chamber of commerce in this country said companies are not hiring because they are afraid of the sea of regulation that is coming down the pike . the president said that is not why. >> there is an antibusiness climate in america . abuses on wall street have worsened and paid one percent to gdp in bonuses to their executives. thuation in arizona in terms of border security has worsened. what is the president's response to send the vice-president out to demagogue the issue by blaming the predecessor . he's been here 18 months he is responsible for the unemployment being higher and things getting worse. this man will raise taxes, increase regulation and blame them for his problems. it is time for president obama to behave like a leader and take responsibility for his record but instead he blames everyone else. this is a pathetic situation. a foreign investor would not go in a country where a vice-president behaved. the business cl
FOX News
Jul 24, 2010 7:00am EDT
. our slogan comes from chaz in maryland. we hear all of the news and spin they are doling but we give fair and balanced from alley, clayton and eric bolling. a lot of people going with the bolwellingbolling. >> that is bowling. bolling. >> yeah, it is. >> you get bolling. we have national cowboy day and later today we'll be dance doing line dancing. >> are you now? >> we are get goingto be wiggling >> yes, we are >> wiggles are going to perform next hour. wake up the kid exercise wake up mom, she loves the wiggles. >> that's great . stick around for the interview about the documentary we will not be silence in 2008 obama campaign stole the nomination from hillary. >> we'll talk about bp. all eyeos the tropical storm much and now a tropical depression. bonnie could strengthen to a tropical storm later today as it moves toward louisiana. a lot of the gulf crews picking exup moving the ships and getting rid of the electrical equipment. they are going to wait to the last possible second because they have robots down there. once the storm comes through. they may have to pack up and leave.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3